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Thursday, September 09, 2004
dammit... just have to update my blog because of this - just gotta write something!!!
today... i mean this morning, around 10:25 - jakarta time, just about... my office building shook violently as if an earth quake hits jakarta and i was expecting and waiting actually, for the roof above me to collapse... any second now... i'm seated near the windows as well as my other colleagues... so i can really feel the vibration... long enough to last about 10 seconds... long enough to make me shook a bit afterwards also.

damit... another bomb rocks jakarta, this time i really feel it since it's very close to where i work. turned out as people were rushing outside - mainly to evacuate the building and also curious to see what's going on... the blast occured in front of australlian embassy... besides pasar festival... close to departemen kehakiman & koprasi... just 10 minutes walking distance from where i work...

didn't see any smoke though from where i was, but something surely as hell is happening around the area to the direction where people are looking. tried to sms people, dad, mom... brothers... friends... just to let them know what's just happened. i can feel the blast as well as many others... mom felt it even to kebon jeruk turned out... friends felt it at sudirman, senayan, blok m... just one huge blast!! bigger than the marriot one. you know what... my office is conveniently very close to marriot... but back then, a year ago... not too while ago... people in my office did not feel the blast as much. seems bombs are an anual thing here, 2002 (bali), 2003 (marriot) and now. this one rocks jakarta terribly. gotten a chance to go to the rooftop of my building with others and saw plaza 89, building across aussie embassy, shattered... looks like half of it is gone from topside... but probably only glasses shattered. sirens began echoing around that area,
but couldn't really see what's going on as other building's blocking the view.

some people from work ventured to the scene and saw horrible things... people everywhere, injured and some dead probalby, blood... body parts maybe, glass shattered... buildings in ruined... didn't know how close they got but i can only imagine it was very shocking view.
many took pictures... some took pics using their cell phones and published it for the people at the office... kinda wished i brought my camera also... to etched this moment. but there's no need as pictures of this terrible event began to circulate online... thank god for the internet to keep us connected. some of the sites:


dunno if you can see them as probably by now lots of people are accessing it, causing heavy traffic... yup... internet began to slow down... just like i experienced when september 11th happened... i was back there, yes sir!... though working in new jersey...
good thing here i can still sms people eventhough might not be able to call them. back in the states when it happened, couldn't even call friends... finding out what's going on with people i care about... yah sms too is not too popular in the states so most of the time couldn't reach them... good thing friends are ok here when i sms them... even a friend who works close to me next to marriot... good thing also other friends work elsewhere.. glad a friend who goes to perbanas that's even closer to the area and was inside the building when the glasses shattered, she was also fine...

gotten a chance to chat with friends from nyc also... amazingly they already know what's going on! guess the news spread very quickly... forwarded them pics and let them know i'm ok... just couldn't believe this is happening again, and again i'm experiencing it... the chaos... man will it ever stop...what the hell is the point to this... again i believe the image of indonesians in the eyes
of the world is tarnished, again i believe the good name of islam is tarnished. for what?!? can't find reason in this senseless act, just the murder of innocent lives, plain and simple. i just cannot comprehend why, if this is typically the case, to how does these extremist became so lost and their image of islam is sooo freaking distorted that they resort to this??! i don't deny it that in my own country, there are muslims who are very extreme in their thinking that i believe that they've lost the meaning of islam as a religion, as a way of life... this is the problem we're having, some might turn a blind eye as if everything's just fine... but this can no longer be ignored. sometimes i question also, is this because of islam? i don't believe so... though many indonesians
say that they're a true moslem... pray 5 times a day n all... they only practice islam as a ritual, not really understanding what islam is about, coz i don't see the true values of islam being practiced in normal lives. these people who did this are simply terrorist! period! please do not justify is with islam! i wish the hopeful moderate muslims will voice their concerns and do something about it.
damn terrorist! they didn't even accomplish what they intended to do... if they have a just cause that is! but there's no way that this kinda act can be justifiable in anyone's eyes... most of the people who died and suffered are our own also... while there's little impact to the australlian embassy if the intent is destroy the building... picture shows it's still amazingly stood firm, almost no impact whatsoever... and also its flag proudly waved among the chaotic backgound of shattered buildings showing its might. gotta give credit for having a very strong structure to withstand this... while many of our own government buildings shattered... departemen kehakiman, koprasi, plaza 89... all damaged...

actually the street that this bombed occured, is the street that i normally take in the morning to go to work... always pass by the embassy at rasuna after dropping dad at work... yup these area are known to where embassies are located, in fact my office is behind the malaysian embassy, if the embassies are to be switched, then i dunno if i'll be writing this stuff down...

had to leave work early too today coz they don't wanna risk a potential threat to the building... so i got home while it's still light outside for once. saw dad giving the car much needed wash and was told mom was at arisan... on any given day... these activities would seem to be in fact normal. but don't feel like it today... then again, maybe this kinda thing, bomb exploding, people dying, suffering, chaos... is getting normal nowadays...

Thursday, June 24, 2004
indo politics
i'm not much of a fan of politics actually, but like to read about those current events that's been happening around the world, yup i prefer reading world news instead. so i don't know too much about politics that have been going on here especially now that indonesia's first democratic presidential election is underway... so they say. well above all i truly hope that it will be truly conducted democratically. it would mean a very significant achievement in our
history to do so... where voices are heard and would mean more.
however, people's votes are easily bought here. and it does not take much to do so.

a campaign for megawati's party just passed last weekend... loads of people coming with big kopajas rallied in senayan. all of them wore red t-shirts with her party's symbol (coincidence they arrived in kopajas that's happened to be red as well... hmmm maybe not).
even kid's are wearing them. never knew that kids and politics mixed. i just wonder out of those loads of people how many of them truly understand why they are voting for such candidate,
why they support and favor such candidate and that their vote even a single one is precious.

to be honest i do not know who to vote for, don't really understand each candidate pair's views or plans for this nation. yeah, i lack that knowledge. should've read more news about indo politics to get a sense and really have an understanding so that i can favor which candidate is closer to having the best intentions for this nation and its people, and which candidate is truly fit or closely fit for the position from past history and contribution.

couple of the presidential candidates come from the military background, i ask myself why is this so. why are the ones been in the military rose and brought forward as candidates for presidents??? is it because they have more authority and used to command people so it means that they can command/lead a nation? i do not belive that these kinds of folks should be candidates to lead our nation since they would probably have a different mindset. look what
happened in the past! we are not soldiers who just take orders. i just don't understand why this is so.

that's why i dunno if we have good presidential candidates, but i guess thats the best they come. coz i read in the news, wiranto's the most who tried to buy candidante's vote by spending around 60 million for perks. mega misused presidential resources to use a chopper to
go campaigning.
so who's good? amien, sby or hamzah?... just don't know.

while driving saw some campaign banner reads... i vote wiranto/wahid because i want to find a job... another says pick mega coz she's proven to deliver... yeah i dunno if this kinds of
slogan works. well just gonna have some faith and truly hope people pick the BEST candidate from their factual knowledge of these candidates, not because they gave out cigarette's or t-shirts...
Monday, June 21, 2004
black out!!!
hahahaha... while i'm trying to write and send some good folks an email with a korean sad yet sweet video clip by these georgous chicks... suddenly the lights went out!... butttt.. since i've got meself a great laptop, still can listen to music, write this blog and probably send the email later on!... thanks to a good 'ol auxilary power of my laptop :D. to this minute the lights still out. yeah this is not the first time since i've experience a black out here,
which is normal here. in contrast to during the times i live in nyc, i've only experience only one black out, in more than a decade! well, it's a major thing then if it happens there. those who knew me will make jokes about this i bet when they read this. shut it guys, enough already heheheh...
well, i've read that nyc lately experience a blackout recently, but lasting only an hour or so... good thing.

well, gonna continue on browsing while i still have power to do so...
Tuesday, June 08, 2004
well it's almost 2 months since i've been back in jkt. i was fortunate enough to find a job soon, well knowing someone, who knows someone, who works for someone... paid off in landing me an interview. so after couple of interviews, soon enough i found a job. well since i've been
back i've been to several interviews, but only two offered so far. i took the one that has a better potential i guess, coz the other one i had to work half day on weekends and lots of working hours. the pay here sucks... in rupiah also, damn. i'm making a whole lot less here than what i used to get. well... guess it's a start.
after being there for a week i got to understand the differences of work ethics we have here and abroad, especially nyc where everything is fast. back there i'm constantly working, never a break, lunches on my desk and no time to stop by for chit-chats with others. work is always there and never stops. sometimes... well most times actually, gotta sacrificed my weekends to work, even from home. depends on how and when u see it, that's the downside of being in the IT bussiness, working remotely is possible and often demanded. those time and energy u put into work ended up at the end does not necessarily mean a secure job. doesn't paid to be workaholic, learned that sometimes just gotta stop and enjoy life & have fun...

well in contrast to the work ethics here, things are pretty much on the slow side. when morning comes there's what they call it here an 'office boy', not really a boy though as he's pretty much a grown man, who brings glasses of water or even coffee to everybody. and in the afternoon when caffeine is much needed, just dial up a number and u can have yourself a nice cup of coffee. if you wanna make photocopies of things too... another guy for that on hand.
normal working hours are from 8:30 to 17:00, but by four, things really slow down. lots of breaks during the work and what they all 'seminars' as some guys often call it and religiously attend every afternoon... well it's actually when they go down and have a smoke...
i guess it'll take an adjustment to the work ethics here... fine by me though i'd like to maintain that edge of working abroad hehehe...

heard a joke the other day while at work... they're talking about a coworker who recently got married and just had a baby. another guy said that the coworker likes to go fitness during the night... rather... 'pitnes' as indos here sometimes use p instead of f and an accented pronounciation adds to the mixture. an example also... lepis=levis, piniero=viniero (cafe in st. marks), pespa=vespa... etc hehehe.. yeah kinda reminded me of a sundanese guy in nyc.
anyhoo... the guy adds... as that the coworker likes to go pitness malem2... he means malem2 suka 'kejepit lemes' heheheh... damn indos with the acronyms! :)
day after
my friends and i went to see the day after tomorrow awhile ago. yup, i was surprised that new movies open almost at the same time as at the states. anyway... hmm, kinda nice to see the nyc skyline again, really miss being there eventhough the lovely nyc was in ruins. well... the
movie itself was good, same producers made this as id4. cool effects i must say. wow, nyc has been destroyed in movies plenty of times... id4, armageddon... etc, and most recent is this one. well it's nice to see different kinds of perspective of things so that u're not one sided, biased or narrow minded, but these hollywood producers gotta stop giving ideas on how to destroy these great places.
anyway, heyyy the library, the place i used to hangout turned out to be a safe place from disasters heheheh, ya sayang bryant & central park are submerged under water & ice...
Friday, May 14, 2004
the beloved jakarta
after being in jakarta for just few weeks, i've made couple of observations. so for those of you who have been away from jakarta for so long and plan to come here to visit or even return for good and settled here, here're some things i've seen... tips of jakarta if you will. hey, others may have a totally different perception of things so you might want to compare notes.
lets begin shall we...
- there is no knob that says "Hot" or "H" on fawcetts, 5 star hotels may be exceptions. it's just too damn hot to be using hot water, realized this when tried to take shower one day, forgive my relexes.
- tolls give out receipt for no reason at all and most of the time it does not serve any purpose. so rather than throw it away and making a mess, have a small container handy in your car for those meaningless paper.
- most escalators (in malls especially) that go up or down depending where you're going and wanna use... are on the left side and the other is on the right side, i presumed to synchronize with the driving directions here. yeah we drive on the left side here, make no mistake!
- jakarta skyline is on the rise everyday. offices, malls & luxury apartments are being built with a very fast pace. don't be surprised that these modern high rise will one day compete with such places as nyc.
- food taxes are at a whopping 10%, especially in big mall foodcourts... yeahhh i know, malls again. well that's apparently the place to be and hangout. eating at street vendors once in a while is rather preferable.
- no such thing as a voice mail... well very rarely the case. sms is the way to go, i've been told people can type sms messages with one thumb while driving! in the hectic traffic no doubt. ahh the highly skilled jakartans. direct phone conversation is on necessary basis. so better learn your acronyms as we're notorius for that.
- you can safely ordered pizza with pepperoni here... being the most populous muslim country dictates everything to be halal. good chance the pepperoni's beef! beats the need to glance the ingredients on wrappers aswell.
- mcdonalds do not serve hamburger... as the notion of 'ham' associates with pigs/pork. they have 'beef'burger instead... with no cheese, mind you. cheeseburger is still cheeseburger :)
- need i say everything has an option with rice?!?
- hot abc sauce is THE prefered sauce as to ketchup.
- most places you go like office buildings, super markets, malls... have parking spaces that aren't free, though it only costs couple thousands, nevertheless... you have to pay. small change goes a long way here, parking spaces, tolls, tukang parkir, yg minta2, pengamen, angkot etc...
- nice to see laws are being enforced... latest one is mandatory usage of seatbelts for both drivers and front seat passenger. heavy fines are being laid for offenders. some still see this as impractical especially when traveling short distances. for vehicles still not equipped with seatbelts, oh like kijang microlets/angkots, metromini, kopaja, the works... have till november to put those belts. wonder how they'd install seatbelts on bajaj.
- some police officers foreseeing traffic on major streets look like bandits, they wear black masks... certified pollution repellent from exhausts.
- just waiting for two weeks after a movie premiers in the states, you can find a dvd version of it in malls, glodok... basically everywhere. though the quality may not be as good, hey it's worth buying if you're in desperate need to see the movie. dvd 9 is the better quality so i've been told, its what they call a first copied version. but to get the best quality, just be patient to wait for a month... then hollywood quality copies will be easily found. even the bules are buying movies at the mall... bless them :)

hey... this is just some insignificant things that caught my eye. maybe i'll add some more to the list when things are caught with my other eye...
Tuesday, May 11, 2004
homage to ipod
ah say praiseee the lord for an ipod:
- washed my car one morning, ejoyed it with an ipod and phones stuck to my ears...
- ironing... ipod on the scene
- assembling small computer table, clothes cabinet and bookself from scratch... 3 different days where an ipod never failed to come in handy
got complaints coz can't hear when people calling, whatttt?!?

hmmm... what other ways can i use an ipod? too bad cannot walk around town with an ipod.
Tuesday, May 04, 2004
hmm... it's been awhile since i updated my blog, guess lagi males and i've got nothing to say... though lots of things have been happening. yaah, due to friends' request... i'll update my blog lah. well... recent weeks have been pretty good... but saddening as well. the good: pnyc having lots of events, went to photo hunting recently, spring at nyc, enjoyed hanging out with some good folks, did something i've been meening to do, friends threw me a ferwell kareoke party, got an ipod! yeah! the bad: i have to leave nyc.
guess i have to go back... otherwise i'll have to return the ipod hehehe... well, friends have really been good to me recently... am truly greateful for that but won't be able to thank each and every one of them personally i'm afraid...
i'm lucky to have friends taking me to the airport when i left... yup... gonna miss most of them. if i have my way... i would stay a bit longer in nyc... oh say maybe for couple more years until i get and experience what i needed to have... if only it were up to me...

well, guess my journey home began when i stepped into jal... at first i was exited that i got to fly again, but not so when i was actually on board. the flight was regular and long, movies was ok though suprisingly i got bored with it... couldn't do much but sleep... but even that took effort. guess i'm not to crazy of leaving nyc...
after 14 hours or so... i arrived at narita in japan, got a temp visa to stay overnight, a hotel given by jal... that's why i like taking jal coz you get to rest after a long flight. got a room at the new narita wing which is much bigger compared to the last one i had years ago when i went there. to my surprise, i got a dinner coupon for that night... dunno if this is something new coz most of my friends either have to buy dinner there or bring mie cup... i did neither... went to dinner and turns out i had a coupon for a dinner pricing up to 50 bucks! greeeaaat!... so lemme order the chef's special... complete dinner from appetizer to desert... cost around 40 bucks... i always eat a lot when i travel for some reason...
well, next day i went to a buffet breakfast, aslo paid by jal. checked in at the hotel and went online for awhile, sempet chat jg ama shinta, kemal and jm3... though briefly.
the flight from narita to jakarta was biasa too... tried to read a book this time to keep my mind of things...
when i arrived... i was glad to see my parents and brothers again... after long time being away from them...
boy jakarta was really hot... for some reason, i wasn't as culture shocked when i went back in 2K... i've tried to tune out and be cuek about most of things that the good 'ol 3rd world country has to offer... though i wish i'm still in nyc... couldn't really believed that i'm back in jkt... guess my mind's not there yet...
next day got up early and went straight to sumedang... took more than a couple of hours to get there. being in sumedang i got to see most of my relatives, it's good too see them again after all these years... some of the little cousins have grown up a bit since i last saw them. it's nice to be with them and play around... like having little brothers and sisters... sumedang is nice... cool air to begin with, you know it when you're at a desa when you have to jongkok to take a dump and use cidukan to shower... as they say... mandi biar apa???... biar byur, biar byur, biar byur... guess it really applies here hehehee... but overall sumedang is nice... wished i had a d70 to take pictures of relatives and sceneries. after spending couple of days at sumedang, went to jakarta... first night there got to hangout and meet couple friends... went to citos (cilandak town square)... place was alright, lots of places to eat and plenty of cafes... lots of people too... got to see indo girls... guess they're alright... well it's just there are more varieties to choose from here hehehehe
man... i couldn't stand the air in a cafe cause plenty of people were smoking... i need to get used to that here... smoking even indoors.

next day i went to my first wedding, many more will come i believe. it was nothing special, don't really like going to weedings too much even if there are plenty of food... nothing much to do but eat at weedings.

the next few days mostly i stayed home but got a chance to hang out with couple ex-new yorkers at ps... then went to eat at block s. it's a given i had to treat... glad to do it.

later on the week... i got a call for an interview. yeah my first interview in jkt, kinda looking forward to it. however, when i went for the interview, turned out the place is behind a warung makan padang!... ga jelas gitu companynya, jauh, susah nyarinya and the place is not a typical office district, payah deh. didn't even bother to go in after i've found the place at the last minute. went strait home, there goes 100k for round trip taxi!

next day my brothers, tuyi and i went to glodok to find movies... pirated lah. gigin had to buy lots of it coz movies in aussie are expensive. plenty of that at kota or glodok. hey i got to experience taking the busway, kinda nice & not bad. guess the only improvement to jakarta's traffic is the busway.

well, most of my activities since arriving here is just staying home, trying to find jobs, rarely hangout with friends... a bit boring sometimes. hope i have something to do soon...

  by. doneeh.cOm